Slurpee TV -motion design

123 West, a local advertising agency developed the idea and creative for this project. 7Eleven had the problem of in-store engagement being on the decline. So, the idea was to install some videos screens to play back user created content. User created content ranges from videos to motion design to illustrations to photos. These screens would the centrepiece of the installations. Thye would sit over the iconic 7Eleven Slushie machines. Akomplis Studios produced some fun motion design pieces for the 7Eleven visual branding. These consisted of a few bumpers and interstitials to remind users of the 7Eleven brand. And between each of the user content videos, one of our ID bumpers would play.

It started at a test site in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which happens to be the highest Slushie consuming city in all of Canada. And it continues year after in different parts of Canada, like Vancouver, British Collumbia. In summary, with these motion design pieces, the engagement went up and 7Eleven continues to use our motion design animations today to keep them at the top of mind for their customers.

Tools used: Maxon Cinema 4d and Adobe Creative Cloud applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere